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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that restore missing teeth, providing a dependable solution for those who have lost partial or full sets of natural teeth.

Besides restoring function, dentures contribute to improved aesthetics, filling out the face and often shaving years off your appearance. They are an effective way to maintain long-term dental health while providing an immediate transformation.

Why Choose Us for Dentures?

Utilising cutting-edge technology, our denture services exemplify the meticulous care and quality that define our dental offerings. We craft dentures tailored to align flawlessly with your individual oral anatomy.

As part of our comprehensive patient care strategy, we include educational elements to ensure you understand the best practices for denture care. With competitive pricing and a strong emphasis on empowering our patients, we offer a complete dental care package for those seeking dentures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Initial Consultation at our Dental Clinic

The journey to receiving new dentures starts with an initial consultation at our dental clinic. During this appointment, our dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your remaining natural teeth and the overall health of your gums. This will help in determining whether you’ll need partial dentures to replace missing teeth or a complete set if all the teeth are missing or need to be extracted.

Making Impressions and Measurements

After the initial consultation, our dentist will make impressions of your mouth to design a model. These impressions will be used to ensure that the denture fits comfortably and mimics the natural setting of your existing teeth. Accurate measurements of your mouth help in supporting facial muscles and structure.

The Trial Run

Before receiving the final denture, you may be given a trial or ‘immediate’ denture. This temporary appliance will help you adjust to the feeling of having dentures and allow for any necessary adjustments to be made before the permanent set is crafted. This is an important step as the gums and bones in the mouth can change shape over time, affecting the fit of the denture.

Receiving Your New Dentures

After all adjustments have been made and your mouth has been prepared, you’ll receive your new dentures. This set will be customised to fit snugly but comfortably, replicating as closely as possible the look and function of your natural teeth.

Post-Delivery Adjustments

It’s not uncommon to require minor adjustments after receiving your new dentures. Your mouth will naturally take some time to adapt to the new appliance, and it’s important to report any discomfort to our clinic for immediate adjustments.

Long-term Maintenance

Dentures aren’t just a ‘fit and forget’ solution. They need regular cleaning, just like natural teeth. Additionally, as your mouth changes shape over the years, the fit of your dentures may need to be adjusted, or the dentures themselves may need to be replaced.

Complete Dentures

Full dentures are artificial dental devices crafted to replace all the missing teeth in either the lower jaw or upper jaw, or both. Typically constructed from acrylic resin, they can be matched in colour to remaining natural teeth. These complete dentures adhere to the gums through suction and can be conveniently taken out for cleaning or during sleep. They serve as a viable option for individuals who have lost all their teeth, often due to reasons like decay or gum disease.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures offer the convenience of easy removal for cleaning and maintenance. Like complete dentures, they can be full or partial but have the added benefit of clasps or attachments that secure them to any remaining natural teeth. Removable dentures offer more stability than complete dentures because they are anchored to existing teeth. However, the surrounding teeth need to be strong enough to support the denture, which is something our dentist will assess.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are crafted to bridge the gaps resulting from one or more missing teeth. Typically, they consist of a blend of acrylic and metal and are individually tailored to fit comfortably alongside existing teeth. Beyond enhancing the visual appeal of a smile, partial dentures also serve the purpose of preventing the rest of the natural teeth from moving into the gaps left by the missing teeth. This helps in preserving the alignment of the bite.

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