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Rafia Iram

Originally hailing from Pakistan, Rafia has always harbored a passion for fostering close and positive relationships with patients. Her journey in education has been diverse and rich, having completed her HSC and now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a major in CyberSecurity.

Despite her tech-savvy background, she has a natural flair for understanding and supporting patients, especially those who are anxious about undergoing local anesthesia procedures. She prides herself on being able to work with all kinds of patients, offering them support and comfort throughout their dental journey. A good day at work for her is seeing a patient leave the clinic with a happy and transformed smile.

Outside of her role as a dental assistant, she extends her caring nature to helping new and international students settle down at her university, ensuring they have a smooth transition into their new environment. Her nurturing spirit is undoubtedly what sets her apart in her role.

In her free time, Rafia loves hiking, watching the sunset or the sunrise, playing games, and photography. 

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