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Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Dental HQ Bankstown

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services

The third set of molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, are located at the very back of your mouth and are typically the final teeth to appear. It’s not uncommon for individuals to reach their twenties or beyond before their wisdom teeth emerge.

While healthy wisdom teeth may not cause problems, issues arise when there’s insufficient space at the back of your mouth. This can lead to your wisdom teeth growing at an angle or becoming impacted, meaning they only partially emerge.

Why Choose Use For Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Dental HQ Bankstown is equipped to remove your wisdom teeth if they’re causing discomfort or health issues. Whether your wisdom teeth are impacted, angled improperly, or unerupted, Dr Jos Laramie and our team offer safe and effective extraction procedures.

Indications for Wisdom Tooth Removal

The need for wisdom tooth removal typically arises from pain or complications. You might need your wisdom teeth removed if you experience:

  • Pain from wisdom tooth decay
  • Infections or repeated infections caused by your wisdom teeth
  • Overcrowding that necessitates the removal of your wisdom teeth for the alignment of other teeth
  • Damage or pain to your gums or cheeks caused by wisdom teeth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Overview

Most wisdom tooth extractions are performed at our Bankstown clinic using local anaesthesia, ensuring a brief and minimally invasive procedure. The extraction process generally involves an incision in the gum to remove the tooth and any surrounding bone.

For detailed information on wisdom tooth extraction, post-extraction care, and other recommendations, consider scheduling a consultation at Dental HQ Bankstown.

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